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Hey Evil,

I hope you are well! I was very sorry to see that you were suspended from twitter. Twitter though now dedicated to free speech seems to still get nervous reactions when the core constituency of the regime, white PMC liberal women, feel attacked. Poking the eye of Sauron in this case is a dice roll and you, unfortunately for all of us, got poked back.

I (and probably many others) are wondering whether you plan to resurrect/fight the ban/both or your general poasting plan. Not having a twitter account probably gives you much free time to do other things, so its understandable if you decide not to return.

Even if you do decide not to return, I think that you should request (if possible) an archive of your twitter data and post on here what you consider your best tweets/threads. It would be a real shame if what you wrote is lost to time and fated to remain undisturbed in a server somewhere in CA. Unlike the pyramids which were pretty well preserved, digital data is more unstable.

If you want to continue this conversation in private, my email will be in the next comment. I did not know how to contact you other than on here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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